SIP Trunking

Maximize your investments. Reduce Operational costs.

Critical Hub SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunking service is a business class telecommunications solution that delivers local, toll-free, domestic and international long distance services with per trunk and per minute rates much lower than that of traditional services.

SIP Trunking brings cost savings by allowing you to consolidate your voice and data communications over a single high-speed IP circuit. And, unlike PRI (23 channels) or channelized Tl (24 channels), you can select exactly how many "trunks", or channels, that you needed.

What is SIP?

Session Initiation Protocol-"SIP" is the industry standard for real-time IP communications and Voice over IP (VoIP). SIP is an open standard which allows your SIP-compliant equipment to operate seamlessly with Critical Hub’s network. Each voice channel established between your equipment and Critical Hub is a SIP Trunk.

IP PBX Ready

Critical Hub SIP Trunks can be terminated directly to a SIP-enabled IP PBX with no Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) required! Activation can be done in minutes!

SIP-Enable a Legacy/Non-VOIP PBX

If your current PBX supports Tl, PRI or individual phone lines, you can use Critical Hub’s SIP Trunking services. A CPE device will be installed to convert from SIP to your PBX's interface (Tl, PRI, etc).

Fast Activation. Professional Support.

SIP Trunking services can be activated in just days - not weeks as with traditional telephone services. Critical Hub’s professional customer service staff, along with our online Web interface, give you the tools you need to maximize your communication services!

Benefits of SIP Trunking

  • Maximize network infrastructure
  • Cost savings - incredible international rates, plus Puerto Rico, US & Canada only 2.5¢/min
  • Add worldwide phone numbers - create a global presence On-Net Calling - all calls between Critical Hub customers are free
  • Easy to Use - service is transparent to users, who will continue using their existing phones normally.
  • Location Independent - Provides business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Keep your current phone numbers.
  • Add an 800-number Live Web Interface with live Call Detail Records.
  • Increased Scalability - pay for only the trunks you need

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