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100% Fiber optic. Redundant. Affordable.

Why settle for slow speed & unreliable services? Your business deserves better. With Critical Hub’s Optico Business Internet Broadband you’ll enjoy worry free connectivity at the fastest speeds available.

Next Generation FTTx Connectivity.

Optico Fiber service is Next Generation Internet Connectivity. The Optico Fiber network has been engineered using 100% Fiber optic technology for the fastest, most reliable service possible. Plus, we’ve integrated alternative power sources – including generators, solar energy and battery systems – to ensure the highest uptimes, even through major power outages.  

Redundancy & Interconnectivity.
Critical Hub’s backbone is directly interconnected with hundreds of Internet network providers & content providers, to ensure the lowest latency and response time. As operators of the Puerto Rico Internet Exchange, we also host key content servers in Puerto Rico and peer locally with other Internet providers in the region.

Gigabit Speeds.
Stop dreaming and get Gigabit connectivity today! Speeds up to 1Gbps (that’s 1000Mbps) are available, including synchronous upload/download speeds.

Whether you’re running a small office network or an enterprize WAN, Optico Fiber has an solution to meet your needs. And with prices as low as $90 per month, we also meet every budget.

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