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Security. Reliability. Scalability. Connectivity.

Critical Hub is where your mission-critical facilities should be.

Increasingly, organizations are recognizing the benefits of colocating mission-critical equipment within a data center. Critical Hub Networks can provide expert management services that include administration, monitoring, and maintenance of your equipment. With Critical Hub’s Colocation services, your business benefits from working with a single-source provider that understands your colocation needs.

Critical Hub offers a secure, dedicated, carrier grade environment to colocate your voice, data, or Internet equipment. Customers colocating their owned or leased equipment in Critical Hub’s state-of-the-art colocation facility receive direct access to a robust IP backbone providing high-speed Internet connectivity and the dedicated infrastructure necessary to compete in today’s marketplace.

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With Critical Hub’s certified engineers and professionals on-site, you can rest assured that your physical needs are in good hands. Take advantage of Critical Hub’s carrier-class network environment and the infrastructure services necessary to deploy your IT assets. By colocating, you retain the flexibility to administer and access your own equipment and applications without the complications and expense of running your own data center.

  • Reduce in-house staff.
  • Concentrate on operations and content, not connectivity issues.  
  • Ensure optimal conditions with constant temperature and humidity monitoring. 
  • Safeguard your business with consistent monitoring and support 24x7.  
  • Disaster protection and recovery.  
  • Access a wider scope of expertise, with certified personnel.

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